Explorers, Sisters, Moms

Momming Across America

No two families are the same. And that's AMAZING!!!

In this (Somewhat) educational and (very) family-friendly show, sisters Ayla and Siena, travel around the USA to join in on fun activities that parents are doing with their kids.  This travel documentary takes a fun, light-hearted, kid-friendly look at cool things that families are doing in the different cultures within the United States.  

We hope you'll have fun and be inspired!!

Episode 1: Cajun Momming

 What's it really like growing up in Cajun Country?   Y'all!! Acadiana is an excellent place to raise a family!   In Episode 1, we'll get to know two families from Southern Louisiana.  Join us as they take us from chamber pots to snake weddings for an authentic look at their lives.